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115 N. High St, (Route 302)
Bridgton, ME, 04009, United States
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Stevens Brook Hiking Trail

Are you looking for something to do while you are staying at Highland Lake Resort? One of the many fun things to do is to go for a walk or hike, and one of the best locations to do this is the Stevens Brook Trail.

It is a conveniently located two-mile path between Highland Lake and Long Lake. This particular trail follows the Stevens Brook, and will also go through scenic and historic areas of downtown Bridgton.

What you should wear if you go on this trail:Stevens Brook HIking Trail

  • Hiking boots or sneakers are recommended for most sections.
  • Long plants to protect yourself against possible poison ivy.
  • Water level may be high in certain areas, so please plan accordingly.

The terrain of this trail is considered easy to moderate, so you do not have to be an experienced hiker to be able to enjoy this trail.

There are many creatures you may encounter on this trail, such as beavers, moose, and minks. You may also be able to see deer or raccoons.

Bridgton used to be a thriving mill town, and you may be able to see examples of this while out on the trail. You will be able to see granite foundations, turbines, and railroad tracks and see that Bridgton was once an important power source for the mill industry.

The existing section of this trail runs behind the Bridgton Community Center, where children can have fun hiking and exploring.

Note: dogs on leashes are more than welcome, but please make sure to clean up any messes, including trash from food products.

Happy Hiking!