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Highland Lake Resort Blog

5 Things You Must Do When Visiting Portland & Bridgton, Maine Area

Planning a trip to the Portland, Bridgton or Freeport, Maine area this summer? There are so many fun activities to do in Portland, Bridgton, and Freeport when visiting you will never be bored. With so many great things to do, we thought that we may highlight a few for you that we recommend. Maine Bicycle… Read More

Our Resort Is Reopening For Season On May 1st

We are so excited to announce that we will be reopening for the season on May 1st this year! If you are planning a family getaway, a girl’s only weekend, or looking for a romantic way to spend a few nights, Highland Lake Resort is a perfect choice. We already have some weekends sold out,… Read More

Community Is Alive and Well in Bridgton

Highland Lake Resort is proud to be a part of the close-knit Bridgton community and this is something we have expressed in previous blog posts, how our community feels like home to anyone visiting or vacationing here. That is one of the most attractive qualities of Bridgton, this desire to make any- and everyone feel… Read More

Things to Do in Bridgton

Maine is beautiful this time of the year, but we feel like we say that every day; it does not really matter what season it is, especially when there is so much cool stuff to do. Before we get into any of that, we must state the facts. Let’s face it: Everyone has his or… Read More

Bridgton Is America’s New Center of World-Class Lake Research

Now that we are in the first week of 2016, most of us seem to be resolution-focused, ready and willing to change our lives for the better, to be healthier and happier. To accomplish any of these things, one must get away from the daily grind, from old habits, and with over 5 acres of… Read More

Reliving the Ice Age in Maine

Christmas is now in the rearview mirror, but we have New Year’s Eve up ahead like a pair of approaching headlights. We are in a time of reflection, not just about our own lives, but also about the world around us, which brings us to the Pine Tree State: Did you know that Maine has… Read More

Merry Christmas, Visit Maine in 2016

Do you think it feels like Christmas? Chances are you don’t. With the balmy weather sweeping the country in a yuletide heatwave, it is as if the entire season is upside down or, as Nick McCrea of the Bangor Daily News writes, “The normal temperature for this time of year is 31 in Bangor and… Read More

Solar Power in Maine

When you look up at the sky, what do you think of? Do you think of the future and if you do, is it burning bright like jet fuel from Cape Canaveral? On the other hand, does the sun distract you forcing you to think of summer days from long ago, when it seemed like… Read More

Connecting Mainers like Constellations in This Forested Land

Maine is big, like really big, and with a total of 33,215 square miles, the state covers nearly as many square miles as the other five New England states combined. So yeah, there is a lot of land in Maine, much of which is forested (about 90 percent), not to mention some 12 million acres… Read More

Maine in the Fall

Is there any place more beautiful in all the world this time of the year than Maine? We at Highland Lake Resort challenge you to come up with a place that is more lustrous than Maine (and New England for that matter) in the fall. Can you do it? We don’t think you can. There’s… Read More